Get to know how Palouse Ranches became a business, and why we are the the brand to buy.

Our company has three locations that work together to bring the Pacific Northwest quality livestock shelters and equipment. Get to know the people that make it all possible!

Our three manufacturing shops are located in Pullman, WA, Ontario, OR, and Halsey, OR. Each shop is owned and managed by different people who all work together to serve the entire Pacific Northwest. Sage (pictured above) began building shelters with Jaret in 2017 and a third shop owner was recruited when the business began to expand! Sage loves the building process and says "Taking some raw materials and forming it into a structure is rewarding. It’s always fun to just stand back and look at it after you are done and know that you built something great from the ground up."

Our Pullman location serves as our company headquarters, which is owned and managed by Jaret Dory (above). Our office staff consists of a Sales and Marketing Manager who helps direct product orders and oversees marketing, and a Marketing Assistant who takes care of advertising and social media tasks. About our customers, Jaret says "We enjoy what we do. We enjoy serving our customers and providing them with quality, portable products that will be useful to their operations and that they can enjoy for years to come."

Each shop employs manufacturers who are trained welders. On average, about eight, talented people work together to bring the Pacific Northwest high-quality products that get the job done. With a combined total of almost 80 years of experience welding, they are extremely good at what they do. They will tell you that they don't just come to work to do a job, they also enjoy learning and advancing their skills as great craftsmen do. They take pride in their work. 

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