Palouse Ranches was founded in 2017 when Jaret Dorey and his family  

found a need for practical shelters in their own calf rearing operation. Their

goal was to build a shelter that could be moved every day. Durability, easy maintenance,

and portability were a must. Soon others in the community became interested in the unique shelters that Jaret built, and a business was born.  Since then, the Palouse Ranches product line has continued to grow! We are very glad for the first customers who gave us the

opportunity to serve them, as well as all of those customers who have since

trusted us to help them improve their livestock operations.


Our company has two locations that work together to bring the Pacific

Northwest quality livestock shelters and equipment. Get to know

the people who make it all possible!

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Meet The Team

Jaret Dorey


Jaret's shelters were the inspiration behind Palouse Ranches, and together, he and Sage started larger-scale manufacturing. His role was shop owner/manager, shelter designer, office and sales manager, marketing coordinator, fabricator, and everything else in between! Recently, though, he has taken a step back from day-to-day operations in Pullman, to start our new manufacturing shop, and spend more time being the man behind the vision.

Alyson Payne


Alyson came to Palouse ranches in 2018 with a degree in Design and small business-consulting experience. She took over marketing duties and office tasks. As the company grew, however, she found herself taking on sales and becoming an integral part of management. Today, you can find her coordinating deliveries and sales, overseeing marketing, and keeping everything running smoothly! 

Lindsey Hannas


Lindsey joined the team in the spring of 2020 as sales expanded and more help was needed.  She is the point of contact for most customers and the voice on the other end of the line. She has a degree in Livestock Management and loves to talk to people about their livestock needs. You can also find her taking pictures out at the shop, or working on our social media pages and sales listings!

Sage Stipe


Sage began manufacturing shelters along with Jaret. He is our shop owner in the Treasure Valley. He is also a visionary who loves creating newly-designed or customized shelters, and takes pride in quality craftsmanship. When he isn't working in the shop, he's showing potential customers how our shelters and equipment are made, and talking to them about their ranch needs. People love to come visit his shop and see what Palouse Ranches is all about!

Pullman Shop 


Throughout the year, the company employs about five fabricators who work hard every day to bring our customers the best products. They are skilled welders, and very creative when it comes to figuring out how to best meet the needs of our customers. What sets them apart is their commitment to detail and quality craftsmanship. They aren't satisfied until the job is done right, and they take pride in the end result!


If you love our product, and would like to be apart of the Palouse Ranches team, please send your resume to info@palouseranches.com.



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